Morning sickness gift baskets

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OK, this is cute. My life is a far cry away from morning sickness, and I actually never had any to speak of, but I've heard that it can cripple a newly pregnant woman--or give away her secret! Once the word is out, how can a friend be supportive of the new mother to be, who is more concerned with not barfing than maxing out her maternal glow (at least for the time being)?

I remember a friend of mine having TERRIBLE morning sickness. It just kept her down for what seemed like forever, and she was a very active person. I was not pregnant at the time and could offer only my sympathy--I didn't know any of the tricks of the trade to make her feel better.

This article suggests making her a morning sickness basket. Instead of filling it with wine and cheese or fragrant soaps and lotions, fill it with things like ginger ale, Preggy Pops (suckers designed especially for mommies to be), and saltines. Another suggestion was to include something called Mommy's Bliss Morning Sickness Capsules, which I've never heard of but apparently some women swear by.

Before taking such a thing, or gifting it, it might be best to check with an OBGYN on the safety of these capsules.

Do any of these things really "cure" morning sickness? Probably not. They might help though. And, if nothing else, at least your pal will appreciate your taking the time to try to make her feel better!

By the way, does anyone know if those Preggy Pops taste any good???

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