Trend Alert: Pettiskirts are not just for dress-up anymore

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When Dakota Fanning wore a skirt made from vintage petticoats to the Teen Choice Awards in 2003, it caught the eye of Molly Swindall, an 11-year-old girl from Atlanta. She loved it so much that she tracked down designer Kandi Lightner and convinced her to expand her business. Swindall also convinced her father to invest in the business and Kaiya Eve Pettiskirts was born.

Now, I was unaware of this trend until today, but I am loving them. They are all about the fluff and puff, with designers competing to see who can use the most yards of chiffon in each design. All swirly and bouncy in a rainbow of colors, what little girl wouldn't want to wear one?

They come is sizes from baby to tween and can set you back up to $120. Of course, Ellie loves them. If she's really, really good, Santa just might leave one under the tree for her.

Pettiskirts for the fashion-forward girl(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Kaiya Eve Black & Hot Pink PettiskirtRuffled TopBelle Ame Chocolate and PinkBelle Ame StarburstBelle Ame Christmas With a Twist

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