A different magic word

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Our kids are pretty good with the whole manners thing, but they're certainly not perfect. We've tried hard to model good manners and they do seem to have picked up on it. They remember to say "please" and "thank you" a fair bit of the time, but they are by no means perfect. Sara, especially, is more action than words and has difficulty with the niceties.

Yesterday, my mother-in-law was taking care of the kids, as she does a couple times a week. Like Nanas everywhere, she tries to instill proper manners in them and yesterday was no different. Apparently, she brought them each a cookie -- a rare treat as we don't generally keep a lot of sweets in the house.

Not unsurprisingly, she saw this as an opportunity to reinforce the need to say please when asking for something. Holding a cookie out to Sara, she asked "What's the magic word?"

Sara, ever the headstrong child, speedily plucked the cookie from her Nana's fingers and replied, "Got 'em!"

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