Britney can't drive her kids

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The never-ending legal nightmare that is the Britney Spears/Kevin Federline custody hearings takes yet another depressing turn. Britney can't seem to get her act together behind the wheel, leading a judge to forbid the former pop star from driving her kids anywhere.

Seeing as Britney's been driving without a valid license, hit a car and drove off without leaving a note, ran a red light -- and has been caught driving around with her children in her lap -- this isn't surprising. At all.

But what's odd is that, despite the fact that her every move is documented, Britney insists on breaking the law -- knowing that every time she does she's putting her relationship with her kids in jeopardy. Public figures bemoan the paparazzi whenever their photos leads to negative press, and there's always backlash to celebrity gossip, but -- at least in this case -- two little boys are a lot safer because of it.

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