Mr. Big to be a father!

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Chris Noth, the actor popular for his roles as Mr. Big in Sex and the City and Detective Mike Logan in Law and Order, is about to be a father!

According to spies for Page Six, the actor's girlfriend, Tara Wilson, is about five months pregnant. That means she'll likely give birth in February or March -- just as Chris starts promoting the upcoming Sex and the City movie (which is set to release in May, 2008).

Noth's camp has yet to confirm the news, so for now it's just a rumor. But, while he's a great actor, Noth isn't exactly paparazzi fodder, so I doubt anyone would bother to make this up from thin air. Plus, a close friend reportedly wouldn't go so far as to deny the pregnancy speculation, telling reporters that "Chris is very happy."

So I'd expect an official announcement sooner rather than later.

Congrats to Chris and Tara!

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