Better grades with Harry Potter

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Your school is failing, your students are performing well below the national average, and you've been tasked with turning things around -- so what do you do? If you're the head teacher at Robert Mellors Primary School in Nottingham, England, you try a little magic.

In light of students' poor academic performance, Donna Chambers decided to start organizing all her school's subjects around a single theme. Previous themes have included Africa, the Titanic, and chocolate -- and the latest, Harry Potter, has produced "phenomenal" results.

Students learn about different writing styles by crafting screenplays based on parts of JK Rowling's novels, and learn the basic of geography by plotting different locations referenced in the Potter movies. The students are even divided into houses -- just like kids at Hogwarts -- so Hufflepuffs, Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Slytherins can all compete for points based on academic achievement.

Apparently learning really can be fun -- who knew?

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