Future ramifications for the casual attitudes of teenagers?

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When I was a teenager, wearing jeans to church would have been an act of blasphemy equivalent to slapping baby Jesus sleeping peacefully in his manager. It just was not done.

Today, teens in jeans during Sunday service don't even get a second glance. And if even your Sunday best is casual Friday attire, what does it mean for the future?

Some parents are already noticing the change of attitude toward special occasions in their children. A writer at the Wall Street Journal wrote a column about boys shunning the school Homecoming dance in favor of hanging out with friends, while the girls got gussied up and carried on the tradition alone.

This laid-back attitude combined with technology is also changing how relationships are being handled by young people. A recent AOL poll shows that teenagers admit to using instant messaging to ask people out or to end relationships, because it's easier and less embarrassing than doing it in person.

However, the sweaty palms, red-faced, stammery, "Ummm, would you, maybe.... like to see a movie sometime?" is not only an exercise in character building, it's also practice for dealing with the uncomfortable face-to-face moments that will be encountered in the real world as an adult. What happens when that step of development is omitted?

It's sad to think that in the not-too-distant future, the Sex and the City episode where Carrie gets dumped via Post-It note could be considered sweet because the guy actually wrote the words himself instead of just typing them out.

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