The Christmas catalog frenzy

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For the past few weeks, my mailbox has been filling up with catalogs. Many of them are toys stores and other children's products and they have Ellie all in a tizzy. She's spent hours perusing the pages and circling items of interest. Once she's marked all of the things she likes, she asks me to go through the catalog and indicate which items she might possibly receive for Christmas. This is a necessary step because she knows certain things she likes are off limits - like anything Bratz, for example.

Flipping through the catalogs and looking at her choices really surprised me. While there were the expected choices of High School Musical dolls and Littlest Pet Shop junk, some of her selections did throw me a little. Like the WWE Wrestling Superstar Role Play set. Or the Grand Walk-in Kitchen Deluxe Set recommended for ages 2+. Ellie is seven years old. Does she really want these things or is it more a "if I could have anything I wanted, I would take everything" situation?

The catalog circling exercise wasn't totally without value. She did indicate a desire for a drum set, which I think she would really use and enjoy. She's getting that, but not the Wii or the Thomas and Friends Train Table (ages 3+) that's just like the one at the bookstore. I am still thinking about the Baby Alive Wets and Wiggles doll (ages 3+).

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