Will you be shopping on Black Friday?

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Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, many stores do their best to get the holiday shopping season off to a good start by enticing customers out of their Thanksgiving-dinner-induced comas with some great deals. It is called Black Friday in part because the Friday after Thanksgiving represents the start of the period during which retailers begin to turn a profit for the year -- that is, they're "in the black."

Many stores try to keep their sales a secret even as spies among the consumers do their best to get them out. There are even websites devoted entirely to listing Black Friday sales items as early as possible and providing shoppers with a place to discuss them. Response from the companies ranges from cease-and-desist notices sent out within minutes of an ad being posted to actual complicity in the early release of deals.

The stores that offer sales -- many starting as early as five in the morning (ugh!) -- cover just about every type of retailer, including Babies-R-Us, CompUSA, Ace Hardware, Wal-Mart, and even Long's Drugs. You can find deals on laptops, CD's and DVD's, toys, clothing, tools, and just about anything you can think of.

I have, in the past, ventured out on Black Friday and may even do so this year. It's a good time to stock up on holiday gifts or even gifts for future, unexpected gift-giving needs, as well as scoring a few goodies for myself. I've found the shopping list feature of BFads.net to be a big help in deciding what stores to visit and in remembering what I'm there for.

So, will you be braving the crowds and the early morning hours on Black Friday? Will you be shopping for yourself or for others? What sorts of things will you be getting? Will you bring the kids with you or leave them at home?

Will you be shopping on Black Friday?
I'll be home, all snug and cozy warm in my bed30 (62.5%)
I'm a Black Friday warrior -- I'll be first in line, no kids10 (20.8%)
The kids and I may venture out later in the day to see what's left4 (8.3%)
Why have kids if not to be able to score more deals?4 (8.3%)

Who will you shop for on Black Friday?
Me, Myself, and I3 (12.5%)
I'll get my holiday shopping done11 (45.8%)
It's a chance to save on stuff we need anyway10 (41.7%)

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