1 in 3 songs push drugs

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By the time I was in college, references to drugs and sex in pop music were so common, I barely noticed them anymore. After all, I was a grown-up, capable of making decisions for myself, so why would I care if some artist wanted to sing about railing cocaine or gettin' busy with hos? I just wanted the music to sound good.

Then I had a child. Now every time I hear a new song about dealing drugs or "bringing sexy back," I stop and think: would I want my daughter listening to that?

According to Science Daily, if your kids listen to pop music, there's a 33% chance they're listening to songs about drugs. And if they're into rap music, it's even more prevelant -- with 77% of rap tunes referring to substance abuse. What's worse, is that -- at least in pop songs -- drugs are most often linked with partying, sex, or humor.

Not that I want my child to live in a bubble, or censor these artists, but it's a reminder that it's important to give your child a balanced view of substance abuse. Because let's be honest -- drugs can lead to partying, sex and hilarity. But they can just as easily lead to addiction, depression, death, and other consequences that probably won't come up on Ludacris album.

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