Madonna cancels Christmas

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Madonna may have been raised Catholic, but she famously converted to Kabbalahism in the late 1990's. An off-shoot of Judaism, followers of Kabbalah observe only the Jewish holy days, which means no Christmas or Easter celebrations. But for Madonna, it apparently took a while to complete the transition of faith and up until fairly recently, her family did celebrate Christmas. But no more. "We canceled Christmas two years ago in our household," says her husband Guy Ritchie.

Ritchie goes on to say, "Once we canceled it we stopped all the presents, and once we stopped all the presents we started enjoying ourselves more."

While I can't help but wonder how that went over with Madonna's kids, I do understand the sentiment there. For so many, Christmas has become all about the gifts and the decorating and the general spending of money. Call me Scrooge, but I could do without all the gift-giving as well.

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