Personality-wise, is your child a miniature replica of you?

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Wito is an angel in public - very reserved, very mellow and the recipient of many oohs and ahs around the neighborhood. Yet, the minute we get home and shut the door, he turns into a wild child. Running around yelling, on-the-floor tantrums, pulling at my pant leg, you name it. When it comes to the time spent around the home, he is as stubborn as a mule.

My pediatrician told me the little tantrums should be expected at 15 months, but I've been wondering, how much of his personality is a product of his genetic makeup? After conducting a little non-scientific research (calling my mother), I wasn't surprised to hear I was very similar as a child. In fact, my mother called me the "perfect little con-artist". (THANKS, MOM.) She told me I was the epitome of lovely behavior around guests, but the minute they walked out the door, I was running around knocking books off shelves.

Surprise, surprise.

What about you? Do you notice similar personality traits in your young ones?

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