Have you been to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade?

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I haven't. I've never really wanted to go. I mean, it's never been my dream. The parade looks interesting and fun from afar, from my home as I watch it on television, but the chaos, the crowds, the weather--all of this has kept me from taking the leap.

Have you been to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Was it fun? Was it worth the hype? Was it worth not having any place to go to the bathroom for hours? Yes, in case you're asking yourself, bathroom access is right at the top of my list of necessities when considering outings.

I've noticed it always seems to rain or be terribly windy on the day of the parade. This year it is expected to rain on the parade again. Last year it did as well. I remember co-host Neil Patrick Harris out amongst the masses getting drenched along with everyone else contemplating how sick he was getting from it. Still, Neil was a (Starship) trooper. My husband wonders whether Doogie Howser will be back to host again.

Plus there's the fact that if I go to the parade it will take all morning to get there and the balance of the day to get home. I'm not so sure I want to commit an entire day to attending the parade. The streets are blocked off and the crowds are enormous so what should take a half hour (getting from 34th Street in Manhattan to Brooklyn) ends up taking forever. Add a new baby to that mixture and things start to get interesting.

I do sort of want to go to take my son. That said, he's just under 8 months old and sick to boot, so I don't think this is THE year for us to hit the parade. Perhaps next year, when he is a little older and able to appreciate all the fun.

The parade does look like a lot of fun. Everyone I see on television in the crowds seems to be having a blast, regardless of rain or shine. Even when the wind is so bad the parade is nearly canceled (as has happened before when the winds made the floats too dangerous) people still head out to see the floats.

Most folks are coming from outside of New York and this is their vacation. I totally get that--if you're going to spend the money to come all the way to New York City for the Thanksgiving Day Parade you're most likely going to hit mid-town no matter what.

As for me, I'll spend another year in the warm, dry comfort of my own home watching the parade on TV. I'll long to be there to see Elmo and the Grinch and Hello Kitty floats in person, but not at the cost to my bladder. Or my stomach. The fridge will be right there, after all.

Frankly, since my husband and I never go anywhere for Thanksgiving, we end up cooking for ourselves, which takes up most of the day anyway.

So, to those who head out this year I wish you the best of luck. Perhaps you'll see me there next year.

My preference, of course, would be to walk IN the parade rather than watch it. But, since I am neither a celebrity nor part of a band (nor a float although at times I feel like one) I guess I'll stick to the sidelines.

Photo from the parade by alistairmcmillan.

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