Junk meals -- how often?

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My TV conked out on me two nights ago, and though we almost never watch it, the background din is always on in the morning and the house feels ghostly silent without it. I can hear my neighbours sloshing down the street in their rain boots in the early morning light, the angry couple arguing about her spending habits. And I would much prefer to hear the serious baritone of the morning anchor.

So last night I packed up Nolan and his plethora of mini cars and headed in rush hour traffic to Costco to look at a new TV. We found one quickly -- since I have learned not to buy the cheapest appliance (because it is cheap for a reason, people) I bought the second cheapest.

I also bought some dried mangoes, a Christmas book, and some deep fried mozzarella sticks. It's Costco, I cannot help myself.

I bundled us up and was ready to head out the door, thinking of the pecan cranberry salad and autumn pumpkin soup we'd make for dinner, when suddenly Nolan's grubby finger pointed to the Costco takeout counter. Pizza, soft serve, gigantic hot dogs.

"I want peeta!" he cried, and I envisioned the 40 minute car ride home if he did NOT get his peeta. And so he happily munched his pepperoni cheese confection as I watched guiltily in the rearview mirror.

Though I vowed that my kid would eat no junk food, I've steadily been getting more lenient when it comes to Zoodles, Pizza, macaroni and cheese. Sometimes convenience is more important than stoicism.

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