World's first Barbie store

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In Buenos Aires, young girls can now live the Barbie lifestyle, beginning as young as three years old. At the first ever Barbie store, girls can get their hair done, try on makeup, and dress in fancy gowns, all while their parents are enjoying a cup of coffee in the Barbie cafe. Once they're done making themselves look like a stepford wife, they can use the catwalk in the playroom to strut about in front of appreciative Barbie dolls and other girls.

The store is more about selling Barbie fashion -- T-shirts, skirts, pants and handbags -- than dolls, although I imagine it can't hurt sales of the toys. The mostly pink clothes are available only at the store and the owner plans to open more across South America. So far, us North Americans are out of luck, though.

This doesn't seem all that different from Justice "the store for girls" that we have around here, although without the Barbie tie-in. Still, I'm not sure Barbie is quite the role model I'm looking for for my daughter.

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