Giving thanks where thanks are due

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To my husband's eternal frustration, I am a 'glass half empty' kind of girl. Despite my efforts at change, I tend to see the negative side of things first. I appreciate the benefit of looking at the bright side, it just doesn't come naturally to me. But because of my husband's influence, I have at long last learned to follow up my gloom and doom thoughts with deliberate attempts to the see good side of things.

So, this is the time of year when I make a full stop and take a look around my life and try to focus on all those things that make me glad I'm alive. That's when I realize that if I had any sense at all, I would be jumping for joy each and every day of my life. I have a healthy and happy family that I love with all my heart. I have a beautiful home and enough money to pay for it. I have good friends who make me laugh and keep me from going too far inside myself. I have four funny pets who endlessly entertain me. I enjoy my work and have more time for play than I've ever had in my life.

As I think about the things I am thankful for, the list becomes ridiculously long and one thing becomes obvious. My husband has not only helped me to appreciate how blessed I am, he has made many of these blessings possible. I was and still am a strong and independent person. But before he found me, I was also struggling and alone. He brought love, patience and an endless supply of optimism to my world. He became a father to my daughter and a Papa to my granddaughter.

For all those reasons and many more, I am most thankful to the man who threw caution to the wind and jumped aboard this crazy train with me. I know I don't say it often enough, but I am saying it now. Thank you, Andy.
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