An egg hat that stays on

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Though I live in a distinctly warmer climate now than I did when Nolan was an infant, I still worry about his little cranium getting cold in the drizzly rain. He's better about wearing hats than he was when he was a baby -- then, anything I tried to put on his head got immediately tossed on the floor.

I wish I'd known about these super-smart little baby hats then. Though they look a little small for the toddler set, Oeuf baby hats are cunningly designed to resist being pulled off by pudgy, flailing baby arms. They cover the head, the neck and the ears. And they're cute in an alient kind of way, non?

They're not cheap at 39 bucks a pop, but if they keep baby's ears and head warm during those long winter months, it's probably a worthwhile investment.


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