How to buy American-made, lead free toys

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Did you hear? Lead-free is the new black. And American-made is the new lead-free.

Looking for a way to find good, quality, safe toys for your children this holiday season Look no further! This article on thedailygreen offers not only tips for buying good toys but also over 250 toy options.

Given the merchandise meyhem starting today and going through the after-Christmas sales, it might be wise to check out articles like this one and make decisions about what you want to buy before you hit the stores, where chaos reigns supreme and the mad dash might lead you into getting something less than perfect just to get out of the store.

I've noticed just in my general perusings that finding American-made toys can be difficult. Sure, specialty and some mom and pop-type stores may carry them but those shops tend to be out of the way from the rest of my errands. Chains tend to carry less expensive, and generally imported, options which may or may not be safe depending on what get's recalled next.

The other thing to consider is that perhaps not all American-made toys are lead-free as well. That's why articles like the one are helpful. Or at least they can be, to some. I'm too nervous, the be honest, to buy toys at this time. This year everyone is getting clothes and books.

That's right: BO-RING. I'm going to be the one who gets the practical gift, and let the others go after the best toy options.

Still, if you're feeling optimistic, perhaps this list will help you make a decision about the best toy possibilities for the young ones in your life.

Good luck, and safe shopping!

Pic of a toy, probably made with lead and lead paint and that turns things it touches to lead, by naama.

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