Nancy Grace bringing her babies home

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CNN anchor Nancy Grace had much to be thankful for on Thursday, when she was finally allowed to bring her newborn son home from the hospital. John David and his twin sister Lucy Elizabeth were born prematurely on November 4 after Grace suffered a pulmonary edema during pregnancy and have remained hospitalized since.

Grace herself was hospitalized less than two weeks after giving birth when doctors discovered blood clots had formed in her lungs. She was released on November 16 and is on anti-coagulant medication "for the long term."

That just leaves little Lucy Elizabeth, who is still too small to leave the hospital. But there is good news there, too. Lucy is making progress and is expected to be going home to her family today. Grace's rep, Patty Caruso, tells People, "She is over four pounds and doing extremely well. Nancy is so happy to have both her children home with her."

I can't imagine the relief and joy this news must bring Grace and her husband David Linch. Their little family has gone through so much in the past month and I am truly that happy they can all be together now.

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