Caged twins doing well

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Two nine-year-old boys who, in August 2003, were found living in cockroach-infested, makeshift cages, unable even to speak, are now doing much better, thanks to the kindness of a very special couple. At the time they were discovered, they were labelled "feral", having spent the majority of their lives caged in cribs.

Enter Luis and Sylvia Viniegra who, at the time the story broke, were in the process of being certified as foster parents. "We cried and said, 'We wish we could help them,'" Luis Viniegra recalled. A few months later, they got their wish. They were asked to care for the boys -- the twins and an older brother -- as foster parents. "My wife and I said what they need is a lot of love and nurturing," Viniegra said. "I said, 'let's roll up our sleeves, change diapers, potty train and teach them language.'"

Now, four years later, the boys are all doing amazingly well. "One of our boys who had no language skills is winning spelling bees," Viniegra said. "The smaller boy is a fantastic artist. The oldest is reading at graduate school level." A year ago, however, the family hit a limit -- the boys had to be released for adoption and the Viniegras could no longer be their foster parents.

So they did what made everyone happy -- they adopted the boys. Last Saturday, on National Adoption Day, it became official. "One of our twins made a fist and said, 'Yes!'" Viniegra said. It is indeed a testament to both the boys for their strength in overcoming their past and to the Viniegras for giving them the care and love they so desparately needed.

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