Toddler survives fall from third floor window

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One of the first things we did after moving into our new home a few years ago was put window locks on the second story windows. These locks allow the window to open only a few inches - enough for some fresh air, but not enough for a child to slip through and fall out.

Clearly there were no window locks in the Bronx apartment this little guy fell from on Thanksgiving. The toddler, just over a year old, fell from a third-floor window after being left alone in a room where his family believed the window to be closed. Somehow, the child not only survived the 20 foot fall to the roof of a music store next door, he didn't even break a bone. The boy's mother says "it's a miracle." She may be right, and I am happy the boy is okay, but it seems irresponsible to me that nobody actually checked to make sure the window was closed and locked.

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