Winter activities: skiing with kids

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I started snowboarding when I was 22 because I had a thing for boys with toques and bad attitudes. Admittedly, that's a pretty lame reason to take up a sport, but I'm still loving it, ten years later, because of the adrenaline, the exertion, and the intoxicating feeling of sailing over the mountain in the fresh cold alpine air. There are few activities I love as much as snowboarding, and I can't wait to do it with my son.

At two, I know Nolan is a wee bit young for a board, but I have spoken with friends who have started their kids at 2 and a half on skis. I haven't been on skis in a very long time but I'd be willing to don a pair so I can teach Nolan how to go (fries!) and how to stop (pizza!). I know he should master running first (he still lollops in a teetering, tipsy kind of way) but I'm thinking next season will be the Season of the Mountain.

Do your kids ski? When did you start them?

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