Britney Spears adopting Chinese twins?

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This sounds like a story invented to sell papers, but with Britney Spears, you just never know. The British tabloid News of the World reports that the beleaguered pop star is planning to adopt 6-year-old twins from China. The Rav Showbiz column reports that she isn't just wishing for new children, she's actually in the final stages of talks with the adoption agency and the process is moving forward.

Why on earth would the party girl who can't properly care for her own children want more? According to the article, she is trying to fill the void left after losing custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James. I thought that was why she got the new goldfish.

And if that didn't sound crazy enough, the paper also claims that Spears has made a down payment on her own funeral.

Even it if were true that Spears is longing for more children, I cannot imagine that she would be allowed to adopt. And the funeral business? That's actually a little disturbing. You know, I really do feel sorry for this girl.

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