Cyber-Monday: why go to the mall?

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Many of you get up early and head to the malls the Friday after Thanksgiving to take advantage of Black Friday sales. I admire your courage and determination to get a good deal. Personally, you couldn't pay me to get up while it is still dark and join the throngs of bargain-hungry shoppers at the mall. I prefer to begin my shopping in earnest on Cyber-Monday, the first day of the work week following Thanksgiving. That's today!

The concept of Cyber-Monday may have been invented by clever retailers, but it works for me. Many of the stores I would otherwise shop in the mall offer the same bargains online, all from the comfort of my own home. If you time it right, you can often get free shipping as well. Add that to the fuel saved and the aggravation avoided and it makes perfect sense to me. Plus, who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?

While today may be the official kick-off of online shopping for many, it isn't the busiest online shopping day of the year. That day is around December 10th - generally the last day to purchase online and ship via standard delivery. And for those who enjoy shopping in the actual stores, the busiest day of the year isn't Black Friday, but the Saturday before Christmas. Or, in my husband's case, the day before Christmas. I'll never forget (and neither will he) the Christmas of 2003. He didn't realize that stores close early on Christmas Eve and had put off all of his shopping until that day. Every single gift he gave me that year came from Walgreens.

How do you do your shopping? In the store? Online? A combination of both?

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