Kids are indeed willing to eat healthy food

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Despite earlier claims to the contrary, a new study has found that kids are not reluctant to eat healthy food.

A University of Minnesota study found recently that school lunch sales don't decline when healthier meals are served, and, better, that those meals don't necessarily cost more to produce.

Pizza, fries and gravy, and chocolate-glazed donuts have been traditionally served in high school cafeterias with a resigned sigh, because "kids just won't eat nutritious food."

Apparently that's wrong, according to the study, and kids will eat what's on the menu: healthy or not. Schools can still serve hotdogs, but when there's the choice of having a turkey hotdog over a traditional, nutritionally-void hotdog, why not serve the former?

This study actually makes a lot of sense to me. Nolan loves salad with fresh tomatoes and grated cheese just as much as he loves Zoodles, but sometimes the Zoodles are just more convenient for me. Hopefully by the time he's in school, chocolate eclairs and grilled cheese and ham will have made hasty exits from the school system.

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