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Quickly: you're stopped at a red light with a crotchety child (or two) You're holiday shopping, desperately wishing you'd just done it online, already. In the back seat there ares snotty noses and wailing voices and it's been three hours since anyone ate anything. I'm hungry, small voices chime, and you grip the wheel. Ahead are a McDonald's, a Burger King, and a Quizno's. Which is the smartest choice for fast food? Quizno's, right?

At least, that's totally what I thought until I read this post over at That's Fit and now I am completely flummoxed. A toasted veggie sub at the sandwich chain contains more fat than I thought was humanly possible in a sandwich - 75 grams of fat and 1200 calories. That's more than I eat most days. Yuck. And that's only the veggie -- imagine what the turkey guacamole must pack on!

I didn't think Quizno's was the pinnacle of nutrition or anything, but I also never realized how damaging a sandwich can be, unless of course you're a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Then at least everyone knows how gross you are.

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