Too much candy gets Grandma banned

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A woman in Scotland has won the right to see her grandchildren, after being banned by the children's mother -- her own daughter. The reason for being cut-off? Too much candy. The mother claimed that Grandma would show up with bags full of sweets and would give the kids soda whenever her back was turned.

Now, however, a court has ruled that Elsie Melville should be allowed to see her four grandchildren for two hours, once a month, provided she does not give them candy. "I just wish she had left us alone to get on with it," said Donna Russell, the children's mother. "I felt I made the right decision and I still stand by that. I did what I thought was right by my kids for their physical and mental health. Feeding them fizzy drinks and sweets whenever my back was turned wasn't doing their health any good."

Perhaps this was what it took to get the grandmother to stop giving the kids candy, but it does seem rather excessive to have to take the whole matter to court.

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