Beckham's kids picking up American accent

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I was born and raised in Texas and have a bit of a southern accent. I never noticed it much until I moved to New York, where they have their own distinct way of speaking. And while Ellie may be Texas-born, she spent the first three years of her life in New York and that is where she learned to talk. At home, she was influenced by her southern family, but day care was a completely different story. When she began speaking, her accent was an odd mixture of the two sounds. And while I tried to prevent it, I noticed that even I started to pick up the different pronunciations of words when in the company of native New Yorkers. It happens.

David Beckham says his own kids are having a similar experience. "They sound as if they are from London – and that is how I want them to sound," he says. "But they are getting little parts of an American accent. Romeo keeps saying 'Awesome' a lot. 'Awesome, awesome.' "

I remember when Detroit-born Madonna started sounding British after relocating to London. People made fun of her and perhaps she was overdoing it a bit. But the phenomenon of adjusting one's accent to new surroundings is real. It's called linguistic accommodation and it happens subconsciously. But I am happy to report that it isn't a permanent condition. We now live in accent-neutral Idaho and sound southern once again.

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