How do you give back?

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Every year about this time, our local newspaper publishes a list of children in need. The list gives information on the child's sex, age and a few things he or she should would like to receive for Christmas. These are children who otherwise might not receive anything at all and the list is heartbreakingly long.

This weekend Ellie and I went over the list and chose a girl about her age to shop for. We do this every year and Ellie enjoys choosing and wrapping the gifts to give to a child she's never met. And while it makes me happy to make a small difference in a child's life, somehow the experience always leaves me feeling a bit sad. Giving gifts to underprivileged children is a good thing, but it just doesn't seem like enough.

This year, I am trying to find a way of giving back that involves more than shopping. And I want Ellie to participate. Talking about children who have very little is one thing, actually seeing these children is another. I not only want to instill in Ellie the desire to give back, I want her to understand just how fortunate she is for all that she has. Does your family have a tradition of charitable giving this time of year? How do you give back?

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