K-Fed one of the "Most Influencial Men Under 45"

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Remember when Kevin Federline married Britney Spears? He was a laughing stock, routinely mocked in the media for taking Brit's money, getting her pregnant, and partying like a rock star (instead of a back up dancer).

But times have changed. Now K-Fed has re-tooled his image, and -- especially in light of the recent custody battle for Sean Preston and Jayden James -- appears to quite the family man. So much so, that Details magazine recently called Federline a "good father," while also placing him at number seven on their list of the "50 Most Influential Men Under 45."

He tells mag: "To be a father is...everything. It shows me how little I am."

Granted, anyone would seem like parent of the year when compared to Britney Spears, but maybe this new side of K-Fed is more than just hype?

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