The luckiest teenager in India

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Six years ago -- around this time of year, in fact, I was hit by a city bus, while I was talking on my cell phone and totally not paying attention. It was perhaps the most pivotal and soul-altering moment of my life.

To this day I remember the fear in the bus driver's eyes as mine met his and my head crashed through the windshield, as if in fragments, slow motion. I ended up with a compound fracture to my arm and a serious blow to my dignity -- as well as a new set of priorities, grown from the incredulous knowledge that I should very well have died that day. I was lucky. I was ridiculously lucky. But nowhere near as lucky as this teenaged boy.

18-year-old Manish Rajpurohit was riding on a bus when it was hit by a truck. In the ensuing chaos, Manish was hit by a four-foot safety rail which slammed into his forehead and through his skull, oh dear God -- and barely missed his spine.

This next part seriously makes me want to chuck my dinner but I must relay it because it's so staggering: Manish was pinned to his seat by the rail, crying for help. The teen had to slide his head up the pole before he could be cut free. Then he had to ride over an hour in a rickshaw to a hospital, where emergency surgery was performed to remove the pole from the teen's head.

I cannot even imagine how his Mother must feel. As one of the commenters in the Daily Mail article said: Manish is not the luckiest boy in India, he's probably the luckiest boy in the world.

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