Paris Hilton: "I wanna have a baby too"

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Doesn't it suck when your best friend is getting so much attention that no one has time for you anymore? Welcome to the world of Paris Hilton, who's on again, off again BFF, Nicole Richie, is very famously pregnant with her first baby -- and, for the first time ever, overshadowing her buddy Paris.

In an attempt to get in on the action, Paris took an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, during which she told the daytime talk show diva that: "I wanna have a baby too."

To be fair, Paris was actually on the show to talk about her dogs (Ellen is celebrating canines this week), and her upcoming season of The Simple Life. That said, now that the world's most famous heiress is officially on the celebrity baby band wagon, I wonder if she has her eye on any potential fathers? Given who's available, which Hollywood stud do you think might make the best dad?

Who should Paris pick as the father of her baby?
Matthew McConaughey19 (21.3%)
Jake Gyllenhaal10 (11.2%)
Ludacris41 (46.1%)
Kenny Chesney19 (21.3%)

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