A better holiday letter: make a comic book instead

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Every year I look for better ways to write the traditional holiday letter -- updating my friends and family on all the trivial, mundane, or private accomplishments that didn't make onto a blog somewhere. I've always been impressed by a couple friends of mine, who send out a 12-panel comic strip in lieu of a letter -- with each panel representing their family's most important event of a given month. I, however, am a terrible artist, so it was impossible for me to steal their great idea -- until now.

Comic Life is a new application that lets you create comics from your photos. It's a little like Comeeko (the comic creator used by popular bloggers like Girls Gone Child), except that Comic Life allows you to create entire comic strips (and even entire comic books) instead of just single pages.

Because think about it: how much do you actually enjoy reading everyone else's tedious annual updates? I garauntee they feel the same way about yours. Make this year's correspondence a little more fun -- your friends and family will appreciate it.

[via swissmiss]

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