How to say thanks to teachers

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Every time I go to Ellie's school, I am struck by the genuine love and caring the staff seem to have for the students. From the principal to the P.E. teacher, they are patient and kind and I so appreciate what they do each and every day. I can't imagine that it's easy and we all know they aren't in it for the money. Teachers have such a huge responsibility and I want them to know just how important I think they are.

I do take the opportunity during the year to express my gratitude, but at this time of year I like to do a little something more. In the past, Ellie has attended small, private schools where she had only one or two teachers. Choosing a special Christmas gift for these teachers was pretty easy because I knew them fairly well. But now she attends a larger public school where she has eight different teachers, most of whom I barely know.

Ellie and I want to give them a gift that has some meaning but doesn't break the bank. I've toyed with a few ideas, but feel sure that you have better ones. Do you give your child's teachers gifts? If you are a teacher, what do you like to receive from your students?

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