Posh Spice's kids get all the best presents

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Santa likes rich kids better than yours. Take the children of Posh Spice and David Beckham for instance. They're getting a tree house for Christmas this year -- which, at first glance, might seem pretty normal. But we're not talking about some home-made wooden fort David's building in the backyard -- the Beckham's new play time digs will cost $50,000.

Double that and you could buy an actual house.

Why this absurdly expensive Christmas present has to cost so much is beyond me. It's only 9ft tall, and doesn't even come with air conditioning, a hot tub, or the 72-inch plasma screen TV you'd expect to find in the world's most costly tree house. It's from Neiman Marcus, which I guess adds $47,000 to the price tag.

Now we know. That's what celebrities do with all their money.

[via Gearfuse]

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