Who teaches our kids violence, then?

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A comment on a post I wrote yesterday was so interesting to me that I wanted to devote a whole post on it today.

My son has been raised in a house where he's never seen violence. I have never hit him, I've never even swatted him -- no one has ever laid a finger on him. He doesn't watch violent TV, or even the news, for that matter - and he's never in an environment where he might witness one human being clobber another. The most anger he's heard on the radio is Doctor Laura, I listen to all my angry thrasher music in private. But still, my toddler hits on occasion, as most kids do (all kids do?)

As SKL asked -- where do they get it from? Is violence an intrinsic part of being a human being, no matter how small? Is the urge to lash out a biological one?

It's an interesting question. Violence begets violence, is the old adage, but I know plenty of pacifists who grew up in a home where spanking and physical discipline was a reality. I'll go ahead and include myself in that group.

So what do you think? Where do our kids get it from?

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