Waiting for sex -- not good either

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I don't think anyone will read this and decide we need to add sex to the high school curriculum (well, except maybe high school students), but it is an interesting finding. A new study shows that those who wait before becoming sexually active are more likely to experience sexual dysfunction, including difficulty becoming sexually aroused and in reaching orgasm.

The authors are quick to note that the study does not show that a late start leads to problems, but theorize that the reasons for sexual difficulty may also contribute to remaining a virgin longer. "From a clinical standpoint, there are often dynamics other than the desire to be abstinent until marriage, such as fear of intimacy, body image problems, alcohol and drug abuse, and sexual dysfunction," says Eli Coleman, academic chair in sexual health at the University of Minnesota Medical School Program in Human Sexuality. Coleman adds that these factors "might influence the delay of sexual debut as a means of avoiding sexual issues."

While making sex a part of the school day is a bad idea, the researchers do note that study indicates that the opposite extreme -- abstinence-only education -- is not a good idea either. Says Coleman, this study "lends credence to research showing that abstinence-only education may actually increase health risks."

It seems to me that the answer is to give kids adequate, accurate information so that they can help identify biological issues early and avoid creating any psychological ones.

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