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Brittany Snow, Ashlee Simpson and Fergie are among the stars to sign a treaty created by teen magazine Seventeen to help teenage girls improve their body image. The Body Peace Project Treaty is being launched by Seventeen Editor In Chief Ann Skoket who hopes to get one million girls to sign the treaty.

Actress and Hairspray star Brittany Snow, now twenty-one, reveals she battled bulimia when she was just sixteen--and that she still struggles with body image issues today. It's no secret the war being waged on the female body, whether among our nation's youth or in Hollywood, so I'm really excited to see such a bold move from the magazine.

I remember high school and, actually, middle school, where size mattered more than brains or athletic ability or sense of humor--more than anything. Girls wouldn't eat anything all day and pass out in the halls during lunch because they hadn't eaten. It's sad but true.

The Treaty hopes to get girls to stop obsessing about their bodies, which is a truly noble cause, but until the rest of the nation--especially Hollywood and the media (namely magazines)--decide skin and bones is not the in look that's all we'll see and that's the end to which women will be driven, what they'll be judged against just for being women.

I have to tell you, in a strange way, now that I've had a baby my opinion of the ideal female shape has changed. I've never been pencil thin, nor have I ever thought that image was the one to aspire to, but now that I've seen a lot of different weights and shapes throughout my pregnancy, breastfeeding and general motherhood, I feel a lot differently about my body than I did pre-baby.

I appreciate my body more now than I ever did, and I try to treat it with respect. After all, it brought another life into the world! I wish young girls could appreciate themselves for more than just their bodies, and could celebrate what they were born with rather than always trying to achieve some morbid ideal.

Although this Treaty is not the definitive answer to the problem, it certainly seems to be a step in the right direction.

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