Cindy Crawford is human after all

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Cindy Crawford is arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world. Even after giving birth to two children, the 41-year-old looks amazing. With that gorgeous head of hair, the well-placed beauty mark and that fabulous body, she's one hot mama and I admit that I am envious.

But, this photo made my day. She still looks fantastic, but the shot reveals that her supermodel body is made of the same stuff as mine: stretchy skin. But what I appreciate most about this photo is that she's clearly comfortable with her body just the way it is. She could have had plastic surgery to pick up that little flap of belly sag. She could have worn a one-piece bathing suit to hide it. But by proudly revealing her imperfections, she makes it a little easier for me to accept mine.

So, thank you Cindy Crawford. You are beautiful!

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