Abandoning ship in the middle of a meltdown

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I've been having to drag Nolan to the mall a little more frequently lately, knowing that, with a toddler in tow, it will take me approximately thirteentwenty billion trips to get all my Christmas shopping done. I know, I know, I could shop online but I tried that last year and my photo books were two weeks late and arrived the day before Christmas and I can't take that kind of stress this year. For some reason it takes seven times longer for anything to ship to Canada. What's the lesser of two evils: shopping with a sprocketing two year old or leaving Christmas in the hands of an unreachable Amazon man? I'm not sure.

Last night, right after work, I took Nolan to the mall with me. I loaded him up with mandarin oranges, bought him a smoothie, carried a strategic bag of chocolate raisins and a new dinky car because I am not above a bribe. I tried to be quick but the cashiers were sluggish and Nolan seemed uncharacteristically restless. I told him: you need to be a good boy for a few more minutes and then we will go look at all the lights and then he shrieked and took off down the holiday aisle, knocking boxes off the shelves and causing an impeccably made-up sales woman to peer at us both over the tips of her glasses. Sweating, I abandoned my cart and chased him through the aisle, pleading for him to come back. Rejuvinated by the game, he took off full tilt, giggling and manic. I picked him up, and man, is he heavy these days; I tried to pin down his flailing little limbs but I could feel a meltdown building. Defiantly, he wrestled away and looked at me squarely as he toppled a jingling felt Santa.

I abandoned cart. I apologized repeatedly to the semi-sympathetic clerk and barely held on to my tear-soaked two year old as I staggered out of the mall. I never know, during these meltdowns, if I should suck it up and ignore the shrieks or just abandon cart and try again later.

Maybe I'll give online shopping one more go.

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