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I had a parent ask me for some advice about a situation at her daughter's school. The girl, a kindergartener, eats lunch in the cafeteria most days, where she gets the same amount of food and milk as kids twice her age. While she likes milk and is used to drinking it at home, she doesn't always finish it.

The problem is, there are staff members who wander around the cafeteria shaking milk cartons and telling kids to finish their milk. The mother is concerned because she attributes, at least in part, her own weight issues to always being told as a child to finish everything on her plate. Naturally, she doesn't want her daughter to develop the same sorts of issues.

I can understand that not all kids get milk at home and might need some encouragement to drink it at school, but for a kid who does drink milk regularly, this seems like a bad idea. I suggested that the mom talk with the teacher or the principal so that the staff can be made aware that the girl shouldn't be forced to finish her milk.

Has anyone else encountered a situation like this? What would you do if this were your daughter? What would you have told the mother?

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