Vancouver unveils 2010 Winter Olympics mascots

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Vancouver has officially unveiled the mascots designed to represent the city and share the spirit of the 2010 Winter Olympic games and in my professional years-of-cartoon-watching opinion, I think they are adorable and going to be a huge hit for among all ages.

The mascot trio includes: Miga, who is a half whale, half bear creature; Quatchi the sasquatch; and Sumi the "animal spirit" who is made up of orca whale, thunder bird, and black bear parts. All three creatures appear to be Hello, Kitty's cute Canadian cousins as they are drawn in a similar style and that just begs to be put on T-shirts and made into stuffed animals.

Mascots are a great way to build excitement and interest in the Olympic games in younger children before the competition starts. The creators of the Vancouver mascots kindly included an animated cartoon, as well as e-cards, coloring pages and other fun activities for kids on the Vancouver Olympic website.

Mascots first became a part of the Olympic games with the 1968 Games in Mexico City, where the Dove of Peace became the unofficial symbol. It's interesting to see the progression from logo to mascot over time, as shown in the following gallery. I think Izzy gets the gold for worst mascot ever but Athena & Pherros gave him/her/it gave it a good shot.

Olympic Mascots(click thumbnails to view gallery)

1924 Olympics1932 Olympics1936 Olympics1948 Olympics1952 Olympics

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