How to survive your family at the holidays (video)

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While I'm sure all of you undoubtedly love your husbands, wives, partners, children and so on, the same doesn't necessarily hold true for the extended family. Aunt Jeannie can't seem keep control of that obnoxious, abusive, and downright frightening little boy of hers, and you're not all that excited about cousin Mark's daughter teaching your confident, self-assured 10-year-old girl about Bratz dolls and eating disorders. Then there's your parents, who are always complaining, your siblings who can't stop bickering (even though they're all in their 40s!), and -- for some of you -- your grandparents, who refuse to stop making extremely racist comments in front of your kids.

Who needs a drink?

Better yet, maybe you need a Family Survival Kit. It comes complete with Criticism Canceling Headphones, Family Off, and Sleepy time Brat Darts. Hit play above or check it out on YouTube.


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