Emma Watson grows up

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Seen the cover of the new UK InStyle magazine? Emma Watson is on the cover. Who is that, again, you say? For those of you who didn't froth at the mouth over the Harry Potter movies like I did, Ms. Emma played Hermione, who started out as a girl with magic powers and blossomed into a young woman with a thing for Ron.

For now, at least, Emma has shed that childlike image for something a tad more sophisticated. She's gracing the cover and the interior pages of the December UK InStyle Magazine. And she looks all grown up!

Not only that, but Emma makes it look easy to be both her age and sophisticated in her youth. This is not as easy as it looks. When I was that young I can assure you I was no master with the curling iron. Of course I didn't have a posse of stylists all over me either, and I wasn't prepping to be the face of a well-known magazine.

Good luck to Emma in all that she does. Dare I say that she makes wholesome look...appealing???

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