Keeping the monsters away at bedtime

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As I mentioned the other day, we're having some issues with sleep over at our house – and it's not the newborn. Possibly experiencing anxiety over his new sister or, more likely, trying out his big boy legs, Nate has been getting out of bed. A lot. So I've been revisiting the sleep books. He's been having nightmares and is scared to go to sleep. We realized, based on his recounting of his dreams, that Daddy playing "Monster Chase" with him before bedtime – yeah, probably not a good idea. What to do to undo the damage?

Then I got a Daily Candy email promoting this "I'm Not Afraid Monster Spray". It sprays sleep-promoting aromatherapy into the air to convince your child that his or her room is covered in a monster-proof coating. Pretty cool, but $14.95 U.S. is a bit steep for me. Perhaps I'll stick to water in a spray bottle instead.

The other issue some parents and experts have with monster sprays is that it appears to the child that adults also think monsters are real. And well, it's lying and eventually you'll be found out. (Which interestingly, was also the recent and heated topic of discussion regarding Santa!) Rachel had written about some monster-coping skills in the past that I may try out to avoid deception.

What about you? Are there monsters in your house? How do you deal with them?

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