Did you get a push present?

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There was a time when the reward for nine months of pregnancy and a long, exhausting birth was finally getting to look at (and hold!) the tiny being you'd waited your whole life to meet.

But we are living in a material world and some new moms expect more that just a swaddled infant for a job well done. According to a Babycenter.com survey of 30,000 women, 38% of new mothers reported receiving a "baby mama gift", "baby bauble", or "push present" from their mate after the birth of their child. The responses from pregnant women revealed 55% wanted a push present, while 40% thought a new baby was enough.

While jewelry is a lovely way to mark a special occasion, my husband gave me the best baby mama gift of all by taking time off work and keeping the house running, managing the other children and their schedules and allowing me the peace of mind to take the occasional, much needed nap.

Did you get a push present?
Yes, it was a lovely surprise!12 (9.7%)
Yes, I gave some subtle hints9 (7.3%)
Yes, if I didn't he was told to expect the same pain I went through3 (2.4%)
No, I didn't and feel ripped off22 (17.7%)
No, why bother? The baby was the best gift ever!78 (62.9%)

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