Posh sleeps in the nude

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I gave up a lot of thing after having children: sleeping in, weekends with nothing to do but grown up "activities" followed by more sleeping in, going to non-animated movies, swearing out loud, being able to use the bathroom alone and sleeping in the nude.

But Victoria Beckham hasn't let her three boys interfere with her choice of sleeping attire. In an interview in this month's Elle magazine, Posh Spice shared, "You don't sleep with David Beckham. I'm going to be naked if I'm getting in bed with him every night!"

Apparently Posh's kids don't wet the bed, have nightmares, or get lonely and silently stand close to her as she sleeps until the beams from their little eyes pierce her subconscious and jolt her awake where the sight of a dark, motionless figure next to the bed will make her scream bloody hell and leap into the air.

(Not that any of those things has ever happened around here.........)

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