Kidnapped boy found 11 years later

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It sounds like the premise a Lifetime Television for Women movie: an angry boyfriend runs off taking the thing most precious to his girlfriend's heart, the baby she had with another man. Over a decade later, the pre-teen is once again reunited with his mother. But what sounds like the work of a sappy scriptwriter is sometimes an actual person's real life nightmare.

In 1996, Walter Mitchell abducted the 9-month-old son of his live-in girlfriend in Phoenix, Arizona. Earlier this week, the FBI found Mitchell at his parent's home in Peoria, AZ with the child. The now twelve-year-old boy has been taken into protective custody until his mother (who had since moved out of state) could get to him.

I really hope this can be the start of a happy ending, but there is going to be a lot of counseling and therapy required to help this poor kid deal with his new reality and the fact that his life up until this point was based on lies and deception.


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