Letting boys wear dresses, girls play cowboys

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I just watched a 5 minute clip of a very interesting and timely discussion on The View. I don't watch the show, normally, because it's on during the workday and also because it often makes me want to crawl red-faced through the TV and start laying strategic bops to at least two of the women. This clip was really no different (I wildly disagree with one of the woman's perspectives in this clip) but it's fodder for interesting discussion.

One of the little 3-year-old boys at my son's old daycare liked to dress himself in tutus and high heel shoes wherever he could find them. As Whoopi calls it in the clip, I saw this as "imaginative play", not a sign that that little boy was transgendered. I say any kind of imaginary play is cool. Let him do it up. To take away his purple fabric would be to teach him that there's something shameful in the things he's naturally drawn to.

Of course, there are millions (many regulars on this blog) who would adamantly disagree with me, and would agree with Sheri on the view: little boys should not be allowed to wear little girl's things. Interesting, the opinions aren't as strong for little girls: it's OK for them to want to be little boys, temporarily. Tomboys, I think they call them, an affectionate term. I was one of them.

Recently Nolan has gone through a phase where he delights in toddling around in my shoes: running shoes, hiking boots, and my spiky red stilletos. I have no problem with this whatsoever, but I'm certainly interested in the perspectives of those who do.

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