Happy meals for happy report cards

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Not every youngster understands that good grades are their own reward -- I certainly didn't when I was in school. So in order to give kids and incentive they can really sink their teeth into, a lot of parents offer a treat as reward for a good report card.

We're doing that right now, with Jared, in fact. He's had some trouble getting his work done in class in a timely manner, so in order to get him to stop futzing about and buckle down, we've told him he can't get milk from the cafeteria at lunch time until he shows he can do his work without too much lollygagging. So far, it seems to be working.

In Seminole County, Florida, McDonald's is doing their part to help ensure kids get good grades. They've agreed to give kids a free happy meal if they get good grades. It says so right there on the report card envelope. Wait, what? Yep, you heard that right. McDonald's has arranged to put their ad offering free food for good grades on the envelope the school district uses to send report cards home.

In exchange for putting their ad, complete with a picture of a Happy Meal, on the envelopes, McDonald's paid for the printing of the report cards. Sounds like a fair deal, eh? Actually, it sounds like a great deal for McDonald's -- reaching 27,000 kindergarten through fifth-grade students for next to nothing.

The real question, though, is do food advertisements have any place on school materials? How would you feel if your school district did something like this? Apparently, in Florida, there was only one complaint from a parent; I guess they're okay with it.

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